Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about Florida College Camp? Below is a list of frequently asked questions that may help answer yours.

Q: What time do I arrive?
A: Registration begins at 2:00 pm Sunday and Camp games begin at 4:00pm

Q: What time do I pickup my camper?
A: Check out time is Saturday 10:00 am

Q: What are the directions to Camp?
A: Directions are provided on the ‘Camp Directions’ link

Q: What do I do when I arrive at the campsite?
A: At the gate,
receive your luggage tags and cabin assignment. Meet Amy and the Nurse at your next stop to turn in medications and outstanding documents. At the top of the hill, place your luggage at your cabin number and turn in your phone. Your luggage will be taken to your cabin where you can settle in. Games with the “Camp Friends” will begin at 4pm and Worship services at 5pm in the gym.

Q: What is the dress code?
Campers are to only wear modest clothing. Shorts to the knees and t-shirts with sleeves are recommended for each camper’s daily attire. No one is allowed to wear muscle shirts, thin shouldered tank tops, spaghetti straps, midriff shirts, or tight clothing. We do no regard our dress code as the absolute in right or wrong, but as a balanced approach in harmonizing many diverse opinions and one that reflects being a “vessel of God”. Please accept that when you register, you are agreeing to these rules for the week of camp.

Q: What do I wear for swimming?
A:All water activities are coed – You MUST wear modest clothing over your swimwear. Dark colored t-shirts only and knee length swim trunks are suggested.

Q: Should I label my personal items?
A:Yes, it is recommended. Some times items get misplaced so please clearly label your personal items to help them find their way back home

Q: Can I bring food to camp?
A: Yes…however, all proceeds from the canteen go toward FC Scholarships. The procedure as determined by the Camp Highland regarding food is as follows: NO food is to be brought into the cabins. We will honor this request by having each cabin counselor retrieve food items brought to camp and store them in the Pouch during our camp session. Please write your name on any food items brought to camp and secure in a large zip lock bag. We thank you for your support!

Q: What are the age requirements for camp?
This camp is designed for campers in grades 6 through 12; Students going into the 6th grade and seniors that have just graduated from High School.

Q: Can I make a cabin request?                                                                                 A: You are allowed to make ONE cabin request on your camp application. Please limit your request to someone that is the same or very near your grade and/or age group.

Q: How are cabin assignments determined?
A: By Age/Grade levels. Experience has taught us that grouping similar maturity levels together help campers enjoy a less stressful and more positive camping experience. Sharing an environment with peers and a counselor who can relate to a single specific age group eliminates confusion and complements the camping week.

Q: What if I don’t submit my forms and fees before the March 31st deadline?
A: If forms and fees have not been received by March 31st, the waiting list will be activated. Please contact the Directors if you have questions or concerns.

Q: What is the cost of camp?
A: Camp Fee = $320. ($15 sibling discount)                                                     Optional Fees include: Pouch/Canteen deposit (suggested $25), Tubing ($20)

Q: Is Tubing included in the camp fee?
NO. Tubing is an additional $20 and must be paid prior to the first day of camp. The price includes time for a camper to go tubing on beautiful Carters lake.

Q: What is the sibling discount and how does it work?
This is a family discount available for families with multiple campers and here is how it works. The first child’s camp fee is at the full price. Each family member camper thereafter is allowed the sibling discount of $15.

Q: Is there a refund policy?
A: If a cancellation occurs after April 15th, the already applied fees minus $150 will be refunded.

Q: If I have a question that has not been answered, whom should I contact?
A: Glenn & Amy Bruns:

In order to assure optimized safety and security for all campers and staff alike, each camper application is subject to approval by the directors of FCGA Camp. We are unable to provide service to children with special needs. This is due to the nature of FCGA Camp activities, facilities, staff, and training. Thank you for your understanding as FCGA Camp strives to deliver a protected, yet fun, camp experience for all in attendance.